Engineering, simulation, prototyping and services


Our production has the needed technological components and equipment, while our engineering unit optimizes processes, utilizing the best technology to achieve the lowest possible costs.

Project types

Solutions for clients with pre-existing technical documentation – drawings and requirements
Solutions for customers with product concept and specification, but without any technical documentation
Solutions for new product development under our brand as an additional option


Our strength lies in the development of complex products because we have the know-how to design and apply the best possible approach for every project.

Throughout the years we established ourselves as a sought-after partner for projects requiring complete engineering services, so our customers can fully utilize our services and skillset.

You can find more about our unique project management approach in “Innovation and Project Management”.

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During the design process, we perform simulations in order to verify the extent to which the part meets the customer’s requirements and expectations in order to reduce production costs.

For simulating potential deformations we use “Motion Simulation”, “Pre-post” and “Finite Element Analysis” by Siemens Digital Industries Software.


We specialize in the development of prototypes to ensure that the technical documentation specifications are met and the result of each operation is exactly what the client expects.

We also verify capabilities using prototypes of stamping and molding tools.

They undergo various tests and exertions before serial production begins in order to achieve additional cost reductions.


We offer the following coating services:

  • Zink Galvanization
  • Zink Special
  • Nickel Plating
  • Carbonization
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hardening
  • Powder Coating

Strategic purchasing

Additionally, thanks to our strong connections to local suppliers in Bulgaria, we can offer strategic purchasing for our clients. Send us an inquiry for more information.
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