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About GlatecWho are we?Who are we?

New horizons – Schätti Bulgaria is now Glatec

Our mission

Glatec is dedicated to delivering excellence in the production outsourcing sector. We specialize in the development and customization of functional hinges and subassemblies with a focus on high quality at competitive pricing.

We are committed to continue evolving as an internationally recognized and trusted manufacturing partner for clients in Europe. Our corporate culture is built on the constant strive to innovate and improve in order to create a better tomorrow.

Please see our Code of Conduct.

How we stand out

  • Accumulated know-how and proven track-record in mass production for international clients
  • Unique project management approach
  • Complete internal capabilities, fast decision making, high flexibility
  • Low entry cost for mid-sized volumes
  • Manageable transport times to Western Europe

We build our practices on teamwork, responsibility and awareness – we keep “our home” clean and tidy. We are open and direct in our communication.

Call us:
+359 32 500 424
Send us an e-mail:
Glatec EOOD, 1, Kapitan Burago St., Kostievo, 4205


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